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God of War Review: Blade of Chaos

Many gamers around the world say God of War is a timeless game franchise. You will still feel excited when you play the series even though the game itself is out of date. Sony says that this game can be said to be a remake through a number of revolutionary changes in it. The story and gameplay are said to be two aspects that have undergone major changes, said most players who are the audience of God of War review.

God of War Review, The Pros

From this game, we find that there are some pros we can use as the new insight before playing this video game. And this is a list of God of War’s pros.

Film-Like The Story of Son and Father

In God of War review, The Sony Santa Monica should be given four thumbs up. They did a great job of creating a fantastic and immersive story in the new God of War. It’s totally different from the previous series which had a fantastic story, but didn’t really hit the players. Admittedly, the adventure story of Kratos in this latest series can be a good story for a film.

Maybe you see the story presented in the latest God of War is too deep. However, this is what makes this game so special. Everything really feels like a true story of human relations. 

Vast Semi-Open World

The thing that makes God of War feel so special is the mechanism of the semi-open world. The world is very neatly designed and beautiful. You will find many interesting things to explore. Even though it’s just a semi, it feels like exploring a very wide open world. The world of this semi-open world game also feels like a refinement of the full-open world mechanism.

Based on God of War review, Sony Santa Monica’s move not to implement a full-open world mechanism is arguably very precise. This shows that Sony doesn’t talk about the trend of open world games that are hot right now. The full-open world system also risks losing the original identity of God of War.

Game with The Best Visual Experience

Behind the captivating story, one of the best PS4 graphic games is arguably one of the games with the best visual experience. Everything really feels since you first played it. The environment also feels very alive. Lightning literally thundered like lightning in the real world. The snowstorm felt real. These things are recorded in the God of War review. 

Complex Fighting Scene

The new God of War has almost reached perfection thanks to the presence of a new battle system. Everything really changed. There is no more hack-and-slash system from hitting or spam attacks that you have been doing in the previous three series. You can get more information via God of War review.  

Instead, there is a battle system that is much more complex from a third-person perspective. There is no more cinematic mode that has been applied to previous God of War games. The camera mechanism is changed to a fixed third-person with the POV (point-of-view) position on Kratos’ shoulder.

Weapon Art Choice

According to God of War review, Kratos no longer uses the Blades of Chaos that he has used in the previous three series. This time, Kratos uses an ice element ax weapon called the Leviathan Ax.This new weapon can return to Kratos’ hands according to your orders. 

Epic Gameplay 3rd Person

It feels very difficult not to buy God of War if you feel like a loyal Kratos fan or a true gamer. This game has various plus points that make gamers smitten. First you can see from the story which is extraordinary, touching, and emotional. The advantage in terms of this story is supported by gameplay that will really make you forget yourself. The stunning graphics will also give you an unforgettable visual experience.

The New World

Based on God of War review, it is no longer a secret that Kratos is no longer adventuring in mainland Greece, but plunges into Norse mythology with Atreus. Sony Santa Monica of course has a tough job making sure that the setting you get ends up being different from what you’ve found in the past. So far, they have done it.

Interesting Timeline

Kratos was not plunging into a period of Norse mythology that was still “pure” and peaceful when this God of War began. He entered a world where the races in Norse mythology themselves had shared a dark past through various wars. Then, you will find remnants of that conflict, scattered over the world you are exploring.

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Still sourced from God of War review, when it comes to visual presentation, one additional feature that we think has succeeded in producing a more epic battle sensation is the environmental destruction effect which is now also available. In the middle of fighting in a field that contains small trees or boxes for example, an intense battle involving the enemy or you who are thrown here and there will destroy the object, sometimes even, making a particle effect like falling snow.

Epic Soundtrack

In addition to its ability to present a cool world and quality visualization that is full of detail, this epic sensation also radiates stronger through the implementation of a soundtrack that hits our ears, right on target. Do you still remember “Overture” which was presented live at the inaugural announcement of God of War at E3 2016? Present at several points of the story

Audio Quality

 God of War review contains the quality of audio in this game. This audio element also shows its quality through voice acting for all the characters that feels right on target, according to their personalities, and flows naturally, from Atreus to the dynamics of the bickering between the two brothers – Brok and Sindri. Our favorite part? Using the headset at maximum volume before the conversation with the Serpent of World – Jormungandr who had his own unique language at such a low pitch. Fantastic!

Stunning Design

Two thumbs up also deserves to be directed at the designs of the enemies you encounter. In contrast to Greek mythology which mostly contains monster-like characters in it, Norse contains threats with a visual form that is more based on a humanoid form with a slight twist, both Draugr who are nothing more than undead, giant Trolls with their Totems, to Revenants who appear. 

Like in God of War review, the further your game progresses, the more enemy variants you will encounter with their different animation of attacks and weaknesses. Slowly but surely, your journey in search of the highest peak in this realm will culminate in the survival of monsters of all sizes.

If we have to simplify the three most significant types of changes that Sony Santa Monica has to offer in this latest God of War series, they are Atreus, the camera system, and also the Leviathan Ax as the main weapon. The change in the camera system to be over the shoulder and no longer fixed like in the era of the Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 does offer a different gameplay sensation. 

Amazingly, despite all the changes it offers, it still leaves a familiar sensation similar to what you know from God of War so far. This is a point plus for the game, and one of the most highlighted parts in God of War review. 

So like games that have had a similar approach, there are many functions that you can no longer find here.  God of War reThe jump or climb button functions are now prompted in certain situations, and can no longer be executed manually. This approach makes God of War feel more modern. 

God of War Review, The Cons

According to God of War review, There are few notes for God of War. First, this game looks perfect. However, there are a few drawbacks in terms of gameplay. When you change the difficulty level to “Hard”, Kratos is completely helpless against his enemies. Yep, the enemy is really difficult and far different from the previous difficulty level you chose. Maybe this weakness is not a big problem. However, the effect is still felt if you want to find a new challenge.

Game Details:

Developer : Santa Monica Studio 
Publisher : Sony Interactive Entertainment
Director : Cory Barlog
Platform : PlayStation 4 
Released : April 20, 2018 
Genre : Action, Adventure, and hack slash
Mode : Single player 
Price : $19.99 at Amazon 


It feels very difficult not to buy God of War if you feel like a loyal Kratos fan or a true gamer. This game has various plus points that make gamers smitten. First, you can see from the story which is extraordinary, touching, and emotional. The advantage in terms of this story is supported by gameplay that will really make you forget yourself. The stunning graphics will also give you an unforgettable visual experience, add the players of the game written in God of War review. 

Get the game right now and try to play it with your friends. You must get an exciting experience of gaming. It’s better if you reread the God of War review before playing this game because you’ll get new information that can be used for the next real ‘battle’. God of War, a new release video game in video game store gdgames; get it now and be ready to be addicted. 

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