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You Must Know! Gambling Violates Norms

Gambling is booming in any part of the world. Initially, gambling was an entertainment game. Over time, people began to play gambling by using bets in the form of money.

The more often you play, the more money you run out and you will fall into poverty so that the government and religious leaders have begun to issue fatwas and regulations that gambling violates norms, both religious and social.

This is one of the causes that can destroy gamblers. A gambler who loses, it is certain that he will continue to play with his wealth and he can lose all the money he has.

As for gamblers who experience victory, in fact this is also not a true victory. Basically the system has arranged this victory. The beginning of playing wins and the victory will not fade for long and will not happen again.

After that, the player will start to lose with a nominal greater than the victory he has earned.

Many people do not realize that gambling violates norms of social and religious norms. This is because gambling is something that is prohibited by the government and religion and when we violate this law then we are definitely a lawbreaker.

From a religious point of view, gambling is considered a violation of this norm because all religions in Indonesia have agreed to prohibit their followers from contacting gambling. This is because religion sees so many bad effects caused by gambling. Religion also cares so that its people do not experience destruction.

Kinds of gambling

While talk about gambling violates norms we also will talk about kinds of gambling. There are two types of gambling so far, namely offline gambling and online gambling.

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The main thing that distinguishes these two types of gambling is the way and the place. Offline gambling is gambling that is played by the way the players meet somewhere, while online gambling is done from their respective homes.

Online gambling is a gambling that is widely played by the community using smartphones or laptops and computers, and using the internet network. The types of online gambling themselves include domino gambling, poker gambling, slot online, and others.

Offline gambling is gambling that can be done in a mandatory way face to face without having to use the internet network or certain media devices. Usually people make associations to do offline gambling. And this type of gambling is usually very easy to raid by officers. Examples of this type of gambling are football betting, playing cards or dominoes and so on.


As already explained, gambling violates norms because gambling is officially an act that violates the law in Indonesia. Anyone who gambles indirectly means a person who does not obey the law, or can be said to be a lawbreaker.

Of course as a good citizen, you would never try to break the existing law right?

One way that can be done is to stay away or stop gambling. Stop gambling to be a good citizen because gambling violates applicable norms and laws.

In addition, stopping gambling can also prevent you from other negative effects from playing gambling. Your life will be much better in the future, this is because the assets you currently have can be used for better things than just gambling.

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