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Other Than Slot, Best Casino Game to Win Money

There are so many interesting games you can find in a casino. Of course, all these games can give you both victory and defeat. You definitely want to win when you visit a casino, right? Do you already know the best casino game to win money? Let’s check them out.

Best Casino Game to Win Money


First best casino game to win money is Roulette. Roulette is a casino and also a gambling game. The name comes from the French which means “small wheel”. In this game, a dealer spins the wheel in one direction and then throws a ball in the opposite direction onto an inclined spherical surface so that it spins around the wheel. 

The ball eventually lands on the surface of the wheel, on one of the 37 (European roulette) or 38 (American roulette) colored and numbered squares on the wheel.

Roulette is the best for beginners or experts alike. You can literally spin your game for hours and get loads of free drinks. There is an art to it, however, and you have to accept the trade-off that the money you start with is usually lost.

You might get lucky, but the odds are inevitable and the booze will take its toll, and the longest I’ve ever managed was a 14-hour stay that started at $20 at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.

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Blackjack as our next best casino game to win money is one of the many card games commonly played in casinos.[1] Blackjack is a game that originated in France and has existed since around the 17th-18th centuries. It is estimated that this card game entered the virtual world in the decade of the 2000s.

Blackjack is a game in which players compete against the dealer. You must get a total card value of 21, if you get a combination of Ace and 10 it means you win the game immediately unless the dealer has the same combination or the value has to be higher than the opponent’s value. In addition, it must not be 22 and above. When this happens, the player or dealer is considered busted and of course loses the game.

In this game, your two cards are shown on the table, while dealer blackjack rules allow you to show only one card to all players. However, when comparing, they must open all their cards.

These are our games that mentioned as best casino game to win money that we hope may help you make more money than others games. If you play casino game online, or other gambling like gaple/domino. You may also find these two games in your favorite gambling site. Play them well and win the money as much as you can. 

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