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5 Most Exciting Alternative MOBA Games, Apart from Mobile Legends.

5 most exciting alternative MOBA games, besides mobile legends. – Until now, Mobile Legends has become a phenomenal game that is in demand by many circles. Every time the ML game is never empty of players. If you want to find the latest game sensation, try the most exciting alternative MOBA game below.

It is very suitable to be played in spare time. Judging from the 3D graphics display is very good and the sound is very clear. Rows of alternative games like this provide a different gaming experience. Mostly played online and in multi-player.

5 Most Exciting MOBA Alternative Games, Apart from Mobile Legends

Even though the Mobile Legends game had ruled the game industry, many players were bored. This encourages them to try other alternative MOBA games. Check this out!

1. Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved is an interesting MOBA game. Produced from the developer R2Games, the appearance and how to play is similar to ML. Where the Heroes Evolved game applies the action strategy genre.

Players can use 5 VS 5 mode, in a team with 5 players to fight against other teams. You can invite friends to become a team and fight to defeat the enemy.

The characters and heroes displayed are not much different from the ML game. The advantage of the Heroes Evolved game is that it has a fog of war feature that doesn’t exist in other MOBA games.

2. Vainglory

The next MOBA alternative game that must be tried is Vainglory. It is said to be a MOBA game specifically for android smartphones that presents the best graphic display.

Just imagine, the graphic display on a smartphone is not inferior to the graphic quality of a PC. Then you will feel the real excitement of playing on the agen slot online site.

Game Vainglory has been around since 2014, in 2017 it managed to occupy the Top 5 as the best MOBA game. Now Vainglory has changed the concept of 3 VS 3 to 5 VS 5. So the game is more fun because you can invite friends to join the team.

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3. Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is one of the MOBA hits among young people. The game was released in 2017 and was quite popular with Indonesian gamers. The Arena of Valor game also has an adventure mode that makes the game even more interesting.

Multiplayer mode with 5 VS 5 makes the game atmosphere even more exciting. Many say that Arena of Valor is similar to the League of Legends game. The advantage of this game is a realistic graphic display and many themes to choose from freely.

4. Bug Heroes 2

Bug Heroes 2 is an alternative MOBA game that is unique because of its character. Because, this one Android game uses insect characters for the main character.

In addition, the game pattern is fun because the players, namely insects, will fight other insects. Moreover, resistance was carried out while building a fortress and collecting weapons.

Bug Heroes 2 is also equipped with three playable modes, including mission, skirmish, and endless. Each of these modes offers a fun and different experience. What’s more, players can meet insects that are played by players of other countries.

5. Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War is predicted as the most recommended alternative MOBA game besides Mobile Legends. Since its release in 2019, Marvel Super War has successfully stolen the attention of fans of the Marvel series and game lovers.

In fact, the game produced by the NetEase developer has been downloaded more than 1 million times to date. The characters displayed are the same heroes as the MOBA game. In addition, it carries the 5 VS 5 game concept and players are free to choose the battle arena. / Dy

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